Ductwork Installation, Cleaning, & Repair

While having the right air conditioning and heating units installed in your home are important, these expensive machines are useless without proper ductwork. Ductwork is the system of pathways and vents that deliver warm or cool air from your HVAC units into your home. Insufficient ductwork leaks air and makes your systems more expensive to run. Additionally, having the wrong ductwork could mean that your HVAC units aren’t being used to their full potential.

Newmark Air Conditioning is ready to make sure that your HVAC system is running perfectly, including the installation, repair, and cleaning of your ductwork. Our professionals are ready to come to your home, examine your ductwork, and suggest the necessary fixes to make it as efficient as possible. If you are building a new HVAC system, we ensure your ductwork is working with your heating and air conditioning units rather than against them.

Common Ductwork Issues

There are a variety of mistakes that untrained installers make when installing ductwork. Simply installing pathways for air is not enough to make sure your HVAC system is properly working. You need the help of professionals to make sure your ductwork is done right the first time.

Common ductwork issues include:

  • Sealing problems – If your ductwork isn’t sealed, it can leak a significant amount of air into the crawlspaces of your home. This can lead to increased energy bills and a significantly reduced amount of airflow in your home.
  • Poor planning – Ductwork should be strategically placed. If it is too long, then your systems will need to work harder than they should have to. If ductwork is not sized correctly, it could also fail to properly handle the load produced by your HVAC units.
  • Inadequate returns – HVAC systems use returns to suck air back into the system for temperature control. If ductwork doesn’t have enough returns, your HVAC units will run more than they should and cost you more money. Additionally, not having enough returns will make temperatures throughout your home inconsistent.
  • Newmark Air Conditioning can handle all of your ductwork repair, installation, and cleaning needs. We are a local and family owned business and operated and back our work with industry-leading guarantees. We are ready to make sure that your ductwork is working optimally with your HVAC systems for efficiency and comfort.

Ductwork Cleaning

Helping Customers Breathe Easier

The ductwork in your home snakes its way around every room, keeping you and your loved ones comfortable year-round. However, over time, this space becomes dirty and potentially pushes dirt, odors, mold, indoor air pathogens, and other undesirable things into every room of your house. Fortunately, Newmark Air Conditioning offers professional ductwork cleaning to prevent this from happening and to help your family breathe easy again!

Why Is Ductwork Cleaning Needed?

Reason 1: Efficiency

Besides keeping your home cleaner and reducing indoor air pathogens, ductwork cleaning helps your HVAC system run with increased efficiency. As debris collects in ductwork, it can block passageways and cause your air conditioning and heating units to work harder than they need to. So, dirty ducts can cause an increase in your energy bills and cause increased wear on your HVAC system.

Reason 2: Indoor Air Quality

Besides costing you more money, dirty ducts can also be a health concern. Those with asthma, allergies, or certain illnesses might find themselves struggling to breathe in a home with dirty ducts. Collections of dust, mold, dirt, and allergens are the main culprits for duct-related health concerns.

How Often Should Ducts Get Cleaned?

Contaminants will gather at varying speeds depending on usage and location, so Newmark Air Conditioning suggests having your ducts inspected or cleaned every 1 to 3 years. The Environmental Protection Agency suggests that homeowners have their ducts inspected by a professional HVAC technician.

To work in tandem with your ductwork cleaning, we offer a range of indoor air quality products. Our teams are ready to install air filters, air purifiers, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers to meet individual needs and to help your family breathe easier and feel more comfortable year-round! We also offer heat and energy recovery ventilators so you home can receive fresh air without compromising your HVAC system’s climate control.

Ductwork Repair Services

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If your ductwork is old, damaged, or isn’t functioning properly, it can affect your home’s comfort and your energy bill. Lack of proper sealing can cause up to 30 percent of your air to leak. At Newmark Air Conditioning, we provide efficient duct repair services across the country. Our ductwork repair technicians undergo extensive training to ensure we deliver reliable and efficient services. Our team provides high-level services for every one of our clients while treating them with honesty and respect. We also offer honest pricing and arrive on time to every scheduled appointment. If you hire our team, you can rest assured that the job will be done right the first time—your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

Duct Repair Services

Your air duct system is an integral part of your HVAC system because it moves the hot and cold air throughout your home. Many homeowners have leaky and inefficient ducts that force your HVAC system to work harder to get your home to your desired temperature. Not only does this waste money and energy, but it also affects the comfort of your home. Newmark Air Conditioning can help you solve these problems by inspecting your current duct system and identifying the issues. Then we will provide you with a straightforward explanation of the possible solutions, the process of repair, and the price.

Common ductwork issues include:

  • Duct Leakage: Duct leakage is a costly issue because your air escapes before it reaches certain rooms. This means that your home isn’t receiving the ideal temperature.
  • Under-insulated ducts: If your duct system is missing insulation, it will also prevent your home from obtaining your desired temperature.
  • Unbalanced airflow: This is when ducts deliver too much warm or cold air into a specific room, while other parts of the house get too little air.

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Regain the comfort of your home by contacting our duct repair experts.  Newmark Air Conditioning reliable technicians design, install, and repair duct systems and parts in strict accordance with the highest industry standards. We stay up-to-date on all energy-efficient solutions available in the area to help you save money. Because we respect your time and your home, we are always punctual to scheduled appointments, and we keep your home as clean as it was before we arrived. With our team handling your duct issues, you can rest assured that the job will be done right the first time.

Ductwork Installation

Let Our Team Install the Perfect Ductwork System for Your Home

Having the right ductwork installed in your home is just as important as selecting proper air conditioning and heating units. Even if you choose the perfect HVAC units for your house, they could fail to work properly without the right ductwork.

At Newmark Air Conditioning, our team of HVAC ductwork installation pros know how important good airflow is. We’ll come to your home, examine its unique features, and design and install a ductwork system to enable your HVAC system to work efficiently. Your new HVAC system is an investment, so it deserves the expert service our team provides.

Ductwork Installation: One Size Doesn’t Fit All

As mentioned above, picking the right AC and heating units for your home is only half of making sure your HVAC system works properly. Your home needs ductwork that works with your units. Having improper ductwork restricts airflow and forces your units to use more energy to compensate, lowering their lifespan over time. Proper ductwork installation provides adequate airflow without forcing HVAC units to work harder than they need to.

Common factors ductwork installers will consider include:

  • The distance from an outlet to the unit
  • Sharp turns
  • Adequate insulation near and around ductwork
  • Proper returns to allow for accurate temperature control
  • Proper sealing to maximize the efficiency of your HVAC system

Improperly sealed ductwork causes warmed or cooled air to escape. Some estimates place the amount of money lost to this at 30 cents of every dollar spent on energy in an American home. Annually, this amounts to approximately $25 billion in energy losses across the nation. Hiring a company that seals ductwork correctly, just as Newmark Air Conditioning does, is crucial to comfort and affordability!

When you call Newmark Air Conditioning, we’ll show up on time because we value your time. We’ll then assess your home, consider your needs and preferences, and develop a ductwork plan designed to work with your units.

Duct Sealing

Aeroseal Improves the Efficiency & Function of Your HVAC System

Having properly sealed ducts is crucial for the functionality of your HVAC system. Even if a home has adequate heating and air conditioning units, they won’t work properly if they are connected to leaky ducts. If your ducts aren’t sealed properly, it’s time to call the duct sealing pros from Newmark Air Conditioning. Our team is ready to come to your home and utilize Aeroseal, an effective and efficient method of mitigating duct leaks.

Why Leaking Ducts Harm Your HVAC System

Ducts run through a home and connect its rooms to an air conditioner and heater. If a duct is leaking, it could cause multiple problems with your HVAC system. Leaking ducts decrease the amount of airflow into your home. When a duct leaks, it ends up wasting warmed or cooled air, reducing the efficacy of your HVAC system. As a result, it forces the unit to work harder, lowering the lifespan of the unit over time.

Not only does this cause your units to sustain unnecessary wear, but it also causes an increase in energy usage and higher bills. An estimated 30 cents of every dollar spent on a home’s energy can be wasted by leaking ductwork. Annually, about $25 billion is lost because of leaking ducts in the United States.

In addition to energy savings, sealed ducts offer the following benefits:

  • Fewer allergens
  • Keeps pests out of ducts
  • Increases indoor air quality
  • Is a cost-effective alternative to replacing ductwork

Sealing Ducts with Aeroseal

Newmark Air Conditioning uses Aeroseal to get rid of leaks present in a home’s HVAC system. To start the process, our team will seal all your home’s HVAC openings. Then, we pressurize your HVAC system to receive an accurate measurement of how efficiently your ducts are operating. Our team then distributes the Aeroseal formula throughout your ducts, immediately sealing the leaky areas of your ductwork.

Once this process is finished, we pressurize your HVAC system once again so we can confirm that Aeroseal improved your HVAC system’s functionality. So, not only will you be able to feel the difference Aeroseal makes, you’ll have concrete evidence of the improvement too! Additionally, Aeroseal is safe to use. It’s non-toxic and is made from a material used to produce chewing gum and infant pacifiers. The Aeroseal process is all non-invasive, so there’s no need to tear open your crawlspace or current ductwork.

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